PTFE Temperature Probes

High Purity Material
Seamless Custom Designs
Complex & Precise Shapes.

PTFE Temperature Probes Application

MASTCO PTFE Temperature Probes

Industries & Application

We manufacture customer specific temperature probes, which are of the highest quality and reliability. Mastco has manufactured and supplied a wide range of PTFE temperature probes for use in:


  • Semiconductor Industry
  • Process Industry
  • Food Processing
  • Biotechnology
  • Combinatorial Chemistry
  • Chemical Storage
  • Tissue Storage
  • Cryogenic Storage
  • Batteries
  • Plating
  • Instrumentation
  • Clean Rooms


Our isostatic molding techniques can produce complex shapes, which are often not capable of being made by other means. We manufacture customer specific temperature probes, which are of the highest quality and reliability.

Mastco provides custom PTFE Temperature Probes solutions for your specific application

FlareTek Style Probes

Mastco offers a full line of FlareTek Style Probes in 1/2″, 3/4″ and 1″ sizes.
Using this type probe and one of the numerous fittings on the market is the best means to measure temperature in fluid paths. All sensor types are offered.

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Laboratory use of PTFE Temperature Probe

Often, the liquids used are corrosive chemicals and acids that produce a harsh environment that can corrode and downgrade the performance of Temperature probes. They may also include pastes and sticky adhesives that stick to the temperature probe surfaces and may be difficult to remove, reducing the ability of the probes to measure temperature accurately, and may contaminate any subsequent fluids to be monitored. Therefore, Temperature Probes for Laboratory use needs to be not only chemical resistant, but also have non-stick surface, and be easy to clean. These properties are best provided by PTFE Encapsulated Temperature Probes, as designed and manufactured by Mastco Inc.

Mastco’s Temperature Probes are completely “sealed” and encapsulated in PTFE, not ‘heat-shrink wrapped’ or ‘coated’. Therefore they don’t “leak” are chemical resistant, have a non-stick surface, and are easy to clean.

Mastco’s probes are non-contaminating, as virgin PTFE is an ultra pure material. They also are sturdier due to thicker molded walls, while retaining “high” response times, due to our unique designs. The wall thickness range is 15-30 mils for best chemical resistance and excellent response times and designed for long working life. Our probes are white in color, so one can see the cleanliness of the probe. Probes can be attached to hot plates, and stand high temperature use. They come in different lengths and the typical length is 4-6 inches, but can be made in any lengths up to 60 inches long. They are resistant to harsh chemicals, as well as some amount of roughness in handling, and normal wear and tear, such as insertion and removal in the baths.

MASTCO Temperature Probes can be 2-, 3-, or 4-wire RTD’s (100d or 1000d), thermocouples, or customer specified thermistors encapsulated with PTFE. Probes can be supplied with braided or unbraided cables with superior PFA sheathing, which can withstand immersion temperatures to 482°F and provide corrosion resistance. (PVC cable working temperature is in the range -22°F to 221°F, compared to PFA cable working temperature, which is in the range -328°F to 482°F.) The probe can be designed to plug into a current system, such as a Flaretek® fitting, or the customer’s design specification.

Our regular customers include original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and users of electroplating baths and tanks, process heaters, semiconductor cleaning/etching equipment, and many standard and unique applications in chemical, biological, medical, pharmaceutical areas including stem-cell research.

Mastco Inc supplies customers worldwide on a regular basis, as well as occasional customers in any quantity, and are priced for excellent value.

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PTFE Temperature Probes
Withstand Harsh Environments

Mastco’s temperature probes are chemically inert, provide excellent electrical insulation, and are seamless to prevent passage of moisture without compromising reliability or precision. Our bonding method of fusing the PTFE/TFM™ body and PTFE or PFA oversheath (cable) insures the sensor will not be damaged or destroyed from moisture, harsh chemicals, or even liquid nitrogen.

The probe and cable have the identical chemical resistance at temperatures from -200° C to 260° C (-328°F to 500°F). Platinum RTDs, thermistors, IC chips, or thermocouples allow integration with a wide range of monitoring equipment for optimum accuracy in numerous applications.

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