Mastco Inc is a manufacturer of OEM Fluoropolymer Components, Temperature Probes encapsulated with PTFE / TFM™ resins, chemical processing, semi-conductor etching equipment, PTFE Labware and other applications requiring the need for high purity inert materials.

These services include, but not limited to; Isostatic / Compression Molding, Encapsulation, and Precision Machining of PTFE / TFM™ fluoropolymer materials. The highest grade of resins are used for high purity applications, which is “FDA and USP Class VI Complaint” for our PTFE and TFM™ resins.

In addition, we offer to our customers a wide range of capabilities and services in the design of OEM components, cost saving recommendations and full technical support to include the chemistry characteristics and their limitations.

Mastco’s unique capability is the diverse technical expertise and wide range of products and services across many high technology industries. We welcome your application inquiry for fluoropolymer fabrication, custom encapsulation, and PTFE temperature probes.

For more than 25-years we’ve had a customer minded philosophy that has proven itself for both our customers and Mastco. Mastco truly believes that we become a part of your Team in the unique use of Fluoropolymer components!

Our Special Capabilities include but are not limited to

  • Isostatic or Compression Molding of PTFE / TFM™ to modified resins
  • PTFE Encapsulated Magnets and Other Materials
  • PTFE Encapsulation of Temperature Probes and Sensors
  • Fusion Bonding
  • Machining of all Plastics
  • Custom Blended and Filled Resins/Materials
  • Injection Molding