PTFE / TFM™ Molding, Encapsulation

We know that you are looking for specific PTFE Products, Solutions, and Services that fit your application needs and budget. If you can think of an application in PTFE, MASTCO can most likely help design, develop, and PRODUCE IT!

Along with our extensive experience in precision plastic machining, we are able to provide information on selection and cost of materials for all your fabrication needs. We offer:

  • Design consulting
  • Machinery free of metal or other contaminants
  • Stress relieving capabilities

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Isostatic / Compression Molding, (PTFE / TFM™ Molding)

Isostatic Compression Molding of PTFE and TFM
Isostatic molding of PTFE and TFM™ provides a premium quality material and opens up the possibility of producing complex shapes, some of which may not be machinable. We use isostatic molding on a production basis for components that require minimal finishing or as a final step of production. The isostatic molding process provides excellent finishes, close tolerances, improved density while typically at a reduced cost since avoiding resin waste common in machined components. Automatic molding equipment assures seamless execution and accuracy throughout the material molding process.

Encapsulation (PTFE / TFM™ Encapsulation)

Encapsulation PTFE / TFM
Total encapsulation without seals or joints is used wherever total mechanical protection or electrical insulation is essential. Encapsulated devices are used throughout the chemical industry and for valves, pumps, agitators, sensors, activators and so on.

Total encapsulation opens up a new world for design and application possibilities often with dramatic improvements in performance and cost savings.

PTFE Temperature Probes

PTFE Temperature Probes
We manufacture customer specific temperature probes, which are of the highest quality and reliability.
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Fusion Bonding (PTFE / TFM™ Fusion Bonding)

PTFE / TFM Fusion Bonding
In general, PTFE/TFM™ parts are joined by fusion and used whenever other manufacturing methods are unsuccessful, easily reproducible or the volume does not warrant injecting molding. Fusion technology has been successfully used since the availability of TFM™ resin.

A component is made in TFM™/PTFE; two or more of these components are then held in a jig capable of exerting considerable pressure on the fusion area, which is then heated to about 360°C for a predetermined period.

Parts fused in this manner have mechanical strength comparable to un-fused material and if carried out with skill, the fused areas are undetectable.

Fusion can be carried out with various polymer combinations, PTFE/TFM™, TFM™/TFM™, PTFE/PFA, although conditions will vary and will be controlled by geometry and material types. Note: Fusion Bonding is not possible with PTFE to PTFE components.


Lamination with PTFE and TFM resins
Laminates are easily produced using PTFE and TFM™ resins: the process involves preparing a first layer of one form of resins, a second layer of resins is placed on top of the first and this is then converted into a pre-form in the usual way. It is thus possible to form laminates of various grades of PTFE and TFM™ and also to use resins incorporation fillers such a glass, fiber or carbon. Note that it is not possible to produce laminates by pressing or sintering together previously formed moldings of PTFE.

Imprinted Color Logos

Imprinted Logo
Mastco can provide product brand recognition to your PTFE components by imprinting specific products or company logos with matching color / colors. Imprints may be a single letter, word or a design that is either recessed or flush with the surrounding surface. There is also an option to have characters and logos raised above the surface. The extent of such imprints is dependent on complexity of design, purity requirements and some prototyping to insure the edge and color definition is the required match.

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