We are Fluoropolymer and Materials specialists who can fulfill almost every need utilizing PTFE & TFM™ resins.

Precision Machining

PTFE Materials Precision Machining

Our machinists are highly experienced and proficient in the art and precise science of PTFE machining and all equipment is setup solely for PTFE materials.

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PTFE Temperature Probes

PTFE Temperature Probe

Mastco’s Temperature Probes are completely encapsulated (“sealed”) in PTFE, not 'heat-shrink wrapped' or 'coated', therefore they simple “don't leak". The temperature range is -200°C/-328°F to 250°C/482°F.

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PTFE Labware

PTFE Labware

Mastco offers an extensive line of PTFE Labware. Due to the unique mechanical properties of PTFE it’s one of the most beneficial and versatile materials available for laboratory use. Custom Labware components or custom sizes are available.

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