Custom Design PTFE Parts and Components

Material Science & Technology Company (Mastco) is the leader in design, manufacture and supply of standard, and custom-designed PTFE Parts and Components.

Mastco has more than 25-years of experience molding and machining PTFE Parts and Components. We use proprietary Isostatic Molding techniques that allow molding of dense parts of regular and complex shapes, followed by precision machining. Mastco’s PTFE parts are packaged in sealed, semiconductor grade clean bags; therefore they can be used right from the packaging and are designed for long working life. PTFE components are resistant to harsh chemicals, as well as some amount of roughness in handling, and normal wear and tear, such as insertion and removal in the baths, tanks, and chambers.

Mastco’s significant advantages:

  • Extensive experience with molding and machining PTFE components
  • Component is molded with virgin PTFE resin with the highest quality resins
  • Our R&D team works with Customer on material selection, design features and performance capability
  • We review the entire package and make recommendations
  • Molding techniques to have either the finished component or a near finish shape
  • State-of-the-Art CNC machining centers
  • Optical Quality Control inspection equipment and dedicated inspection tools
  • We understands the unique behavior of PTFE in the fabrication and operational process · Lettering and logos may be molded on components
  • Mastco can provide full material tractability, Material lot/batch numbers, certificate of compliance and maintain documentation for our customers.
  • Examples of Mastco’s Custom Design PTFE Parts and Components

Design and make numerous components for test equipment Components that has a composite of PTFE and TFM™ molded together with little final machining.

Complex valve body shape that requires molding to achieve cost feasibility.

Sophisticated PTFE connector requiring molding and machining with tight tolerances.

Composite material of PTFE or TFM™ with various type fillers; glass, carbon, etc · Highest quality and tight tolerance machined parts Mastco offers most any quantity for custom-designed PTFE Parts and Components: Low volume to high volume production offering (10 pieces – 100,000 pieces). Mastco’s PTFE component are very cost competitive, which at times we can provide the finished article at less cost than a machine shop should purchase the stock PTFE material. Our regular customers include original equipment manufacturers(OEMs) and users of electroplating baths and tanks, process heaters, Deionised water, semiconductor cleaning/etching equipment, and many standard and unique applications in chemical, biological, medical, pharmaceutical areas including stem-cell research requiring inertness and high-purity. We supply customers worldwide and look forward to serving your needs. Mastco will gladly work with you on your Custom Design PTFE Parts and Components.